Direct Digital Support for Businesses

Embracing Digital Technology is more or less a must for every business. However, if you are not ready for training and DIY now, don’t worry. Our technical outreach team can help you get started by directly supporting you to go online and manage things until you build the confidence or makeup time for DIY  for a small fee.  Contact us via email at  or call us on 0595042126 and speak to Donatus

Today customers want what they want delivered to their doorstep right away by click of few buttons. However embracing digital technology can be challenging to small businesses. CEIT-HTU is therefore very grateful to the Skills Development Fund (SDF) for its support of GHc231,340 from SDF and 30% co funding from Ho Technical University to initiate the digital boost for small business project . The project is intended to support small business embrace digital technology, become more efficient and increase their productivity by selling to more people everywhere.
The Digital Boost Project has three(3) elements:

  • An e-commerce website:, which makes it easy for local businesses get to start selling on online and people find best deals in and around Ho.
  • A Prototype Delivery System: DeliverIn Ho, an efficient local delivery system for Ho.
  • Digital Boost Training and Direct support for SMEs digitalize their business is essentially a local E-market for small businesses selling local products, trades, offers and events or even new products and services entering the market for the first time. Connecting millions of buyers and sellers, the site would enable most business in Volta Region and Ho area to use online shop and be able to sell to buyers locally and nationwide. On the other hand, buyers can easily see available good deals and offers trending.

With, it  is very easy for every business to go digital. Get started  by  visiting, register to become  a vendor, create your own online shop and  post your products and start  selling online.

DeliverIn Ho is an efficient local delivery system being piloted in Ho under the Digial Boost Project. The tricycle and the app delivery system makes it possible for businesses who sell online deliver their orders timeously and efficiently to clients.
Spare yourself the hassle when you get orders and have to deliver it. Simply alert us via DeliverIn Ho App or call /WhatsApp us 0595042126. Our delivery cycle will pick up the order and deliver it to the address or the nearest deliverIn Ho collection point of your clients.
With and DeliverIn Ho, there is no need to physically go to the market. You can get your market food stuffs and other items delivered to you at home or your nearest collection point. Simply go to Ho Market Or WhatsApp us your shopping list on 0550643017
The delivery system can also be used to pick your orders to the lorry stations for onward nationwide delivery to clients outside Ho.

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