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Digital technology has changed the way of doing business as we know it. Today as customers, we want what we want delivered to our homes/offices right away by click of few buttons. Businesses regardless of their location can deliver product/services and make more money. htumarket.com is here to make this possible in Ho, too, by supporting you sell online, digitalize your businesses and operate more efficiently so that your business is not left behind. Htumarket.com also makes it possible for customers get the best deal delivered to their door step.

The site is created by by CEIT-HTU of Ho Technical University with funding from SDF under the Digital Boost for Small Businesses project. Htumarket.com is intended to be a local E-market for small businesses in Ho area whether you are a locally manufactured products, trades and local services or even new products entering the market for the first time. Also, as part of the project, there is a delivery system, DeliverIn-Ho, which can pick up orders when you sell online and deliver directly to customers’ home or the nearest DeliverIn Ho Collection point in Ho Area.

By deciding to sell on htumarket.com you are chosing to create more awareness of your business; increase your sales by selling to more people everywhere; increase your profit by cutting down cost in terms of time money, going greener as help cut down traffic in the city. click here to subscribe and get selling on htumarket online shop
With the partnership with SDF Ho Technical Univeristy is proud to create htumarket.com to support of small business as part of economic success system in the Volta Region.



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Htumarket.com idea originated from Harrison Paul Adjimah, the coordinator of CEIT-HTU and his team.

Harrison says;

“Digital technology has changed the way of doing business as we know it. Today, as customers we want the best deals and best offers delivered to our homes/offices right away by the click of a few buttons.  Businesses are able to offer products/services to people everywhere making more money, regardless of their location.    htumarket.com wishes  to make this locally possible so that   Ho and the surrounding  region is not left behind”.

What CEIT-HTU is Trying to Do

What we are trying to do at CEIT-HTU is to create a BIZ (Business and Innovation Zone) in Ho Technical University (HTU).  We are intently encouraging our students and staff to innovate, turn their imaginations into reality and create businesses.  We earnestly wish as many as possible of our graduates stay in the Region and get businesses started from the BIZ.  The University also warmly welcomes other creative entrepreneurs to come and take advantage of the smart tools and support services being created in BIZ to start, manage and scale up their businesses. From the view point of HTU, it is the only way the Region can develop.

The Digital Boost for Small Businesses  Project

One of the specific strategies of CEIT-HTU is to support start-ups and SMEs in the local area to take advantage of readily available technologies to make their businesses more efficient, increase sales and profitability.    It is in respect of this that we are very grateful to Skills Development Fund (SDF) for funding us to initiate the digital boost for small business project. The project has 3 elements:

• Creation of an eCommerce website: htumarket.com;    

• Prototyping of an efficient local delivery system for Ho: DeliverIn Ho; and

• Acquisition of capacity to provide digital boost training  for SMEs around

HTU Market

Htumarket.com is essentially a local E-market for small businesses selling local products, trades, offers and events or even new products and services entering the market for the first time, connecting millions of buyers and sellers. The site would enable every business in Ho to use online shop and be able to sell to buyers locally and nationwide. On the other hand, buyers can easily see available   good deals and offers trending.  DeliverIn Ho system and app would help businesses deliver orders timeously and efficiently to `their clients. The digital boost training aspect will provide training and directly support small businesses to sell on htumarket.com, on other secondary E commerce sites, and on social media.

                    Harrison Paul Adjimah.

Discover HTU Market’s Journey

October 2019
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Center For Entrepreneurship For in Ho Ghana.
October @019
Attracts first buyer,and made GHC 1200.70 in sales

Meet Our Team Leads

Dr.Ametefe Korbla Normanyo


Mr. Harrison Paul Adjimah

Project Coordinator

Confidence Kakraba

Project Administrator

Mawuli D. Agbenorto

Module & Audio-Visual Developer

Awards & Recognition

Industry leaders and influencers recognize HTU Market as one of the most trust worthy retail companies in Ghana, ranking high for both vendor and customer satisfaction.

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